VERITAS CONSULTING Lawyers is a professional interdisciplinary legal firm formed by a group of professional enterprising lawyers and legal advisors willing to give an adequate legal and tax assessment to your specific need and personal circumstances.


Practically any action in your life is regulated by specific laws. For that reason, the action of a Lawyer is essential when some difficulty arises to any person or company who is not a professional lawyer.


Our professionals master several languages at a legal level, which expands the possibilities of legal defense and assessment at an international level.


In VERITAS CONSULTING, you will find professionals which will be able to assess you about what actions should be taken faced with any event which may arise in your professional or private life and how to defend your interests, being these the ones which will be always fundamental for us, because our basic principle is that of assisting our clients in an environment of full trust and privacy.


Please feel free to hold a meeting with us in which we will freely assess you about your possibilities, facilitating, without any compromise, a budget to resolve the problem with which you may be faced (Cost of the first interview: 50€ which includes VAT-Such amount will be deducted from the final invoice if the budget proposed by us is finally accepted).


Alter many years of professional exercise, VERITAS CONSULTING has been founded by a group of professionals who belong to the World of Law whose aim is to give a legal solution to the problems of the client who is not a professional of this sector.


We count with a group of specialists in the different branches of Law (Civil, Commercial/Mercantile, Criminal, Administrative, etc.) whose aim is to give you the best possible assessment. Our professional practice is focused in the detailed study of the affairs and subjects which are entrusted to us.


Asides from our lawyers, we also count with a Wide group of professionals such as appraisers, doctors and translators amongst others who collaborate with our Firm to give you the most complete service possible.

We can work throughout all the Spanish territory of Spain. Also our lawyers master several languages (Spanish, English, French and German) and are specialized in them at a legal level to be able to resolve any incident between persons of different countries which may occur in the territory of Spain.


We also count with a specific and separate department for the processing, defence and solution of claims related to car accidents.


The cost of the first interview is 50€, in such interview we will asses you and we will propose a budget for the solution of your case.

Please consult us free of any compromise.