Mercantile and Commercial Law

The Mercantile and Commercial Law is in charge of regulating the relations which are established in trade. The establishment of special rules to govern trade makes the assessment of a lawyer, nowadays, more necessary than ever to start a business or to conduct oneself within the frame of financial traffic. Our Firm has Lawyers specialized in Mercantile Law which will give an adequate solution to your mercantile claims and interests. Also, as our professionals master several languages, we can offer you an even more complete service in your international trade relations.


Claims of Amounts
Late Payment or arrears is the main barrier which stops financial growth and one of the most important perils faced by companies. In this Firm, we are devoted to manage your defaults from a first essay of friendly settlement, counting with all the instruments for a swift recovery of the owed amount, up until it is necessary, if there is no other solution, to claim the debt in court and execute the Court Order.


The regulative impulse in Europe has tried to favour the country members of the EU to claim their debts and to make debt recovery quicker, with the idea in mind to create a safer European trade area. Two of the main mechanisms used in Spain to combat late payment are the so-called monitory process, which is a swift and economical way of recovering the owed amounts and the Spanish Arrears Law which, amongst other measures, makes the interests of the debt to be higher for the debtor.


Bankruptcy Law
The Bankruptcy Laws in Spain have been modified, being adapted to the present situation in Spain. A legal assessment in a case of this nature is always necessary to know what actions to take and which are not convenient.


1. Incorporation of Companies
The incorporation of companies has been favoured by the regulations of 2010 which has a tendency to encourage investment. To choose the sort of company which is more suitable for your financial project and to be assessed by the rules which govern social life, please do not hesitate in requesting our assessment. This precaution can safeguard you from serious problems in the future with your shareholders/stakeholders.

2. Problems within a company
If problems arise within the company, whether within the shareholders/stakeholders or with the Managers, it is necessary to know the mechanisms which the Law has created to defend your interests. Veritas Consulting is well experienced to assess you and we will instruct you in the steps to be followed to use the mechanisms which the Law has foreseen for your protection.

3. Merges between companies and Acquisition of Companies
The problems which concern merges, amalgamations and acquisitions of companies must be cleared before the start of the operations, in many cases they drive to the disappearance of the legal person in question. As a manager, member or creditor, it is a good thing to assess oneself about the way to develop the operation/s.


The diversity of assets which form a company must be conveniently valued before taking any step previous to the merge, amalgamation or acquisition.


Liability of the Managers

Veritas Consulting can assess you about the actions which can be exercised against the managers of a company when such managers, in accordance with the Law, have not exercised their post with the due diligence.


Mercantile Contracts
We will draft or assess you to draft all sorts of contracts so that these pursue what is really wanted and intended by the parties to avoid any surprises later.


We can, amongst other, issue and assess you about the following contracts:

• Mercantile Purchase Contract
• Transport Contract
• Distribution Agreement
• Franchise Agreement
• Sales Commission Agreement
• Agency Agreement
• Insurance Contact
• Bill of Exchange, Drafts, IOUs and Letters of Credit
• Deposit Contract
• Mercantile Loans


We also can assess you about all the differences and problems which may arise in the interpretation of mercantile contracts which have been already issued, defending your interests in court or solving the conflicts between the parties to avoid taking such problems to Court.


Intellectual Property and Franchises
• Immaterial Defence of Assets with the assessment and defence of Intellectual Property Rights before the different organisms, as also before the Courts.
• Trademarks and Commercial Names
• Unfair Competition
• Law of Franchises