Civil Law

Civil Law is the group of principles and legal rules which govern the more general and average relations in the life of people. Most of the actions which rule our daily life are governed by Civil or Common Law, being a warranty for the rights of individuals and the foundation of the birth, modification and extinction of the obligations between persons.


Between the subjects comprised under Civil Law, we find:


The Law of Obligations and Contracts:

• Civil Contracts.

• Obligations between parties.

• Claims of Amounts.

• Civil Liability

• Breach of Duty in the Accomplishment of the Obligations.


The Law of Assets or Goods:
• Property.
• Possession.


The Law of Persons:
• Marital Status, Domicile, Nationality…
• Legal Capacity and Management of the Assets of the Legally Handicapped.


Family Law:
• Divorces.
• Separations.
• Measures which regulate the Situation of "De Facto" Couples.


Inheritance Law:
• Inheritance.
• Legacies.


In VERITAS CONSULTING, we count with specialists in the different branches of Civil Law which ensure your legal protection in these spheres.


Claims of Amounts
Both in the claims of pending sums of Money as in the defence when faced with these, our Firm will offer you an experienced and full assessment so that you are guaranteed, at all times, the defence and protection of your rights.


Medical Breaches of Duty
The materialisation of the World, which leaves the absolute values of life and human dignity behind when faced with financial interests, leads, in some occasions, to some professionals of the health system not having the adequate care and diligence towards the persons. Being conscious of this situation which anyone may face and which implies great suffering, this Firm offers an adequate defence of your rights when it is necessary to claim them, throughout the whole Spanish territory.


Inheritance Law has become one of the most controversial and conflictive subjects which have aroused within the bosom of a family. The different problems, which appear in this area, constitute one of the most abundant and carefully regulated subjects in the legal establishment. This Firm takes care in supporting and advising the families when faced with the division of the inheritance assets through the consensual partition papers or the contentious defence of the legitimate interests of the inheritors or legatees.


Family Law
Unfortunately, the increase in the separations and divorces has lead to a considerable increase in the problems related to situations which come alter the actual rupture. This Firm is focused in the assessment and defence of the persons who are parties in these non-desired situations to conduct the warranty of your rights either through a set of rules to lead your lives after the divorce/separation (Regulatory Agreement) or through a contentious process.