Car Accidents lawyers


Accidents involving vehicles are one of the higher mortality causes in Spain at present. An accident can bring civil or criminal liabilities in which you can see yourself involved as au author or as a victim claiming the satisfaction of his/her legal rights.

Besides the material damages, car accidents cause injuries which, in some cases, cannot be healed and leave severe sequels which are necessary to claim so as to repair as much as possible the harm which has been produced.


We offer our clients the necessary and experienced assessment so as to face these situations, counting with professionals which are completely independent from the business of insurance companies and are habilitated to solve a problem of these characteristics throughout the Spanish territory.


VERITAS CONSULTING is a Firm which is specialised in car accident claims and suits. In the case of an accident, we will assess you with no cost and we will only be paid if you get paid. Your case will be studied by our expert lawyers and we will get started with your claim so as to achieve the greatest indemnity possible for you.